Marquee Tents

Peg & Pole Marquee Tents

Peg and pole marquee tents are the most well-known of all marquee tents, and are also the quickest to erect.

Since Anything Canvas is based in Cape Town, where the strong South Easter wind is blowing most of the time, all of our marquee tents are manufactured to resist wind pressure to the maximum.

Optional webbing straps (known as ratchets) that support up to 4 tons, can be used in addition to the ropes to secure the tents panel joints to the ground, to eliminate any possible uplift due to strong winds. This provides added protection to the tent and keeps possible damage to an absolute minimum in extreme conditions.

The quality and strength of our peg and pole marquee tents are so highly rated, that it was awarded a tender from the South African Department of Home Affairs for the manufacture of twenty marquee tents, to provide temporary shelter for victims of xenophobia.


Steel Frame Marquee Tents

Frame marquee tents from Anything Canvas are almost as easy to erect as peg and pole marquee tents.

The frame is made from round or rectangular steel tubing and consists of corner-pieces, roof poles, and leg (down) poles. Frame marquee tents are assembled in the same way as camping tents.

The marquee tent roof is professionally designed in order to provide minimal strain to the frame during storms, while simultaneously directing the roof’s weight into the ground through the leg basis.

Custom Made Marquee Tents

Anything Canvas has overcome challenges where marquee tents had to be specially manufactured to fit into a specific space, over obstacles, or in places which were turned down by many other companies. Customized marquee tents can be made to fill any space (conditions apply) to provide maximum entertainment.

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