Blue tarpaulin being folded up


Tarpaulins are large flat sheets of heavy-duty waterproof canvas, usually PVC fabric, used for covering things.

Our tarpaulins are machine stitched and come standard with double-stitched joints, triple layer hems and stainless steel eyelets 1m apart all around.

The PVC canvas fabric we use comes in three weights/thicknesses: 550gsm (grams per square meter), 700gsm, and 800gsm, and all are 100% waterproof.

There is a wide variety of fabric colors to choose from, such as red, blue, green, yellow, beige, dark earth (brown), grey, black, white, to name a few.

Optional: A frock (i.e. a long, narrow strip of fabric with additional eyelets) can be stitched on for cases where it is sometimes necessary to fold the tarpaulin in half, and still have eyelets all around.

Green PVC tarpaulin folded up